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One of our most popular features is our educational video webinars. They are designed to teach important educational lessons in a "show & tell," visual way...much like one might get at a live seminar event or in a classroom. So what better way for anyone new to our website to learn about the key features & benefits we offer than a video website tour? We invite you to take a little time and let us show you around our cutting-edge website for investors & traders seeking the best stock & ETF recommendations and highest-quality investing education...


This 17-minute webinar blends informative narration with visuals to show you:

  • the most popular features of the site
  • how to get a FREE user name & password to unlock almost EVERYTHING we offer
  • select basics such as logging in for greater access
  • a peek at a key portion of our upcoming newsletter service, where most members take greatest advantage of our expertise at selecting profitable trades

...and more. Click the orange button below to start the tour. Enjoy!

Like other features of our site, this tour is driven by input from our users. That means it evolves as we receive requests or add new features. If you already know your way around our site, maybe we can show you something new? If you are relatively new to Bull And Bear Profits, this can be a terrific, quick primer to help you become familiar with some of the most coveted features & benefits.

Access Many More Educational Benefits

Not every topic is best covered in a webinar format. That's why we have many other educational features on this site. If you are relatively new here, be sure to also check out features like First-Time Visitor, Help and everything else in the Education menu. If you like the visual, multimedia learning in this webinar, we have more webinars that cover investing educational topics. Our special reports are also VERY popular and can be consumed offline too, even on smart mobile devices like a tablet or smart phone.


With DECADES of well-proven experience forecasting bull, bear & flat markets and selecting top-performing stocks & ETFs, founder Jon Wolfenbarger and our team are regularly sought out by the financial and investment media, press reporters, podcasters, vodcasters, radio & TV producers and seminar & investor conference coordinators for interviews, quotes, insights, guest appearances, etc. See some samples of recent and favorite spots on the media appearances page.

Media Members: Contact Us for insightful quotes, content & interviews. We respond ASAP!

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