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Our leader & founder -- Jon Wolfenbarger, CFA (holding the iPad in the picture below) -- has over 30 (THIRTY!) years of professional investment experience, including more than 22 years as a Securities Analyst at Allianz Global Investors. Prior to Allianz, Jon was an Investment Banker at Merrill Lynch and JP Morgan. Through deep experience and dealings with some of the most successful Wall Street players, he's seen it all...and done it all. Nobody recognizes the special opportunity for individual investors to grow more wealth through this medium than Jon. That's why he created Bull And Bear Profits. 

A Few Members of the Bull And Bear Profits TeamWhether bull markets or bear markets, Jon's been through both MANY times. He's done the hard work of learning how to anticipate the turns and, more importantly, how to profit on either type of market using low-risk, simple investment vehicles like stocks & ETFs.

In his own words: "Many people don't realize how much profit can be made by individual investors entering & exiting the right stocks & ETFs at the right times. With the easy availability of inverse ETFs, individuals no longer have to mess around with very risky forms of investing to take great advantage of falling markets too. Being able to simply buy & sell specific stocks & ETFs during both bull & bear market scenarios means individuals can make money at ALL times. Owning it themselves will keep a great deal of their account from flowing to Wall Street middlemen in fees they can see...and well-hidden ones they can't."

"If one makes smarter investments NOT married only to bull market movements AND they KEEP much more of their money out of middlemen pockets...their nest egg can grow robustly & most efficiently. Do that over time and profits can really pile up! Do it for years and the results comparison is night & day...a much, MUCH better outcome for individual investors tired of getting only the profit scraps."

"And that's basically our proposition here...why I created this business instead of continuing in classic roles on the Street. There's LOTS of lucrative opportunity for individuals in turning away from traditional Wall Street services. We're at the forefront of that disruption...a smarter, more agile way for individuals to invest without having to give so much of their nest egg away to big Wall Street institutions. They are plenty rich enough. It's long past due for individual investors to feast on greater returns and learn investing concepts & tactics that can level the playing field. I founded Bull And Bear Profits to provide just that.

In addition to his professional experience, Jon has spent over three decades studying investing and economics to develop the Bull And Bear Profits approach to investing. It is intelligently based upon technical, fundamental, economic and long-term returns analysis, as well as a thorough understanding of the underlying economic causes of business cycles and bull and bear markets.

On the education side, Jon earned a BBA in the Honors Business Program at the University of Texas at Austin, an MBA from Duke University and the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation.

The rest of the team are long-term, thoroughly-experienced talent in what is known as the financial publishing industry. Working with Jon, our team strives to provide the very best actionable stock & ETF picks, cream-of-the-crop educational content and all things you can see already on this website and in our product...plus much more coming soon (our pipeline is loaded!!!). We work hard every day to delight our followers & subscribers.

Our own business model revolves around an unheard-of, perfect alignment with your objectives...like no comparable entity with which you've ever worked in trying to grow your wealth. Ride our Wall Street disruption to remarkable dollar gains while simultaneously growing your investing knowledge as you trade. Take maximum advantage of Jon's long-term experience as a Wall Street insider, now unleashing all that money-making know-how in ways that best serves individuals tired of trusting -- and being burned by -- rich, big banking conglomerates. We know of no better way for individuals to prosper more from investing. Let us help you turn a very important page and push your investing accelerator in the smarter, better, Bull And Bear Profits approach.  


With DECADES of well-proven experience forecasting bull, bear & flat markets and selecting top-performing stocks & ETFs, founder Jon Wolfenbarger and our team are regularly sought out by the financial and investment media, press reporters, podcasters, vodcasters, radio & TV producers and seminar & investor conference coordinators for interviews, quotes, insights, guest appearances, etc. See some samples of recent and favorite spots on the media appearances page.

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