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"I just watched your new webinar on 'Estimating Long-Term Returns'. It was chock full of useful information that is very appropriate for these financially challenging times. I look forward to the next ones! BullAndBearProfits.com has been so helpful to me in learning how to be a better investor in both bull and bear markets. And the numerous stock and ETF recommendations you provide every month are excellent. I’ve been following you over the past year and you have been spot on and calling it right on both the economy and financial markets. Thank you and please keep up the great work, since I can’t find anything this helpful for investing anywhere else!" Oscar M., Floyd, VA

Oscar M.


"Jon and his team have brought a new aspect to my portfolio management. I’ve always been a 'buy and hold' investor, selecting individual stocks and ignoring the market’s ups and downs. But the Fed’s enormous influence on both stock prices and the cost of holding cash makes ‘buy and hold' problematic. As the Fed begins another tightening cycle, I expect choppy market action and am really happy to have Jon’s wise counsel. Jon’s trend indications help me do better asset allocation, and I love adding his stock picks to diversify my holdings and boost my returns. In the past months I’ve sidestepped the SP500 downdraft while simultaneously adding yield, diversification and return. My day job is teaching business and economics, so I especially appreciate Jon’s strong understanding of Austrian economics and his experience applying it in the real world -- that’s a rare and valuable combination!John F., Baton Rouge, LA

John F.


"I came across your website 12 days ago and have since been there every single day and each time I go there I learn something new and valuable. I have since invested in many of Jon’s recommendations and have used trailing stops, another great investment strategy. Jon’s investment philosophy is simple and logical. Bullandbearprofits.com is by far the best investment website." Omar H., Gilbert, AZ

Omar H.


"BullAndBearProfits.com should be the first choice for anyone interested in capital markets and investing. The service offers very useful insights and background information. I particularly value the interesting fresh stock ideas. They are straight to the point and have already worked well for me. I am always looking forward to my regular recommendation notifications in my inbox. Jon Wolfenbarger and team have developed a great new product — try it out!" Bianca S., Frankfurt, Germany

Bianca S.


"I love BullAndBearProfits.com. They provide up to 10 new stock and ETF recommendations every month, so there are always interesting new ideas coming. My biggest market concern is volatility, and BABP's ideas are fully vetted, taking the guesswork and much of the worry out of my decisions. It does not matter if the stock market is in a bullish uptrend or a bearish downtrend, the recommendations are always excellent stocks and ETFs that are rising and outperforming the market. They're experts at identifying what the current trend is and when that trend is changing. BABP is amazing and I'm so glad I found them." Kimberly B., Oceanside, CA

Kimberly B.


"Bull and Bear Profits offers sophisticated information for all levels of investment understanding by explaining concepts so that the novice investor can grow in the complexity of the market. I have a moderate portfolio and investment knowledge. I depend on my financial advisor to guide me through financial investment growth. Your articles help me in my conversations with my advisor. Supporting your articles are excellent charts and visual aids that further explain and illustrate the message. Especially helpful is the building on earlier articles and concepts with current events. This furnishes me with the knowledge I need to ask better questions. There is a tremendous amount of information on your website. What I see with B&BP is the mapping of trends of current activity giving me the tools to make solid investing decisions. B&BP keeps me sharp and has become the hammer on my belt." Jennifer R., San Francisco, CA

Jennifer R.


"I had a very successful career in technology and have been retired for a couple of decades now, so I’ve used a lot of different investment services over the years. BullAndBearProfits.com is the best I’ve seen, for three reasons: 1) you provide great stock and ETF recommendations with clear investment rationale and helpful exit advice, 2) you are focused on earning high returns in both bull and bear markets and 3) you provide honest and objective analysis without hidden agendas or financial conflicts that are not aligned with my wealth-creation objectives. It’s a VERY unique and valuable service. I recommend it to my family and friends who want to manage their own investments and succeed no matter what is going on in the world." Bill S., Union City, CA

Bill S.


"I am a professional researcher and the last thing I want to do in my free time is more ground-up research. I appreciate that BullAndBearProfits.com does the heavy lifting for me: clear, concise, and transparent with the thought process. I understand the metrics you are watching -- the basis for recommendations. For anyone looking for either the diversification of ETFs or the optimization of active management, BullAndBearProfits.com offers the best of both worlds. Anyone who is ready to move well beyond the basics but doesn't want to cull through the cannon of nonsense on the internet should find BullAndBearProfits.com is a great place to start." Rachael R., Keswick, VA

Rachael R.


"I’m a busy flight attendant trying to manage my 401K as best I can. Before I found Bull And Bear Profits, I struggled to find investment advice I could trust. Also, I lost money in the 2008 bear market and I don’t want to do that again! I love that your service is focused on identifying when bull and bear markets start and recommending simple ways to profit no matter which type of market we’re in. I greatly appreciate all of the articles and Q&As you post on your site, as they are very helpful to me in keeping up with the latest investment trends. I love learning so many new things, particularly about all of your technical and economic indicators. You’ve opened a fascinating — and profitable — new world to me. Thank you!" Lynn S., Aurora, CO

Lynn S.


"I’m a professional stock analyst, so I get lots of Wall Street research every day. What I value most about your website is the objectivity and honesty of your investment analysis and recommendations. And unlike most of Wall Street, you are not a “permabull” or “permabear” on any particular investment. In particular, Wall Street is not geared to help investors identify and profit from bear markets. BullAndBearProfits.com is the only service I’ve seen that is focused on generating great returns in both bull and bear markets, which is extremely valuable to me." John C., Dallas, TX

John C.



"I’m an aging Boomer who lost money in what seemed like crooked Wall Street deals in the 1980s. And never came back until 2018. Much older now but still inexperienced. Financially sophisticated friends referred me to BullAndBearProfits.com due to their positive experience with Jon Wolfenbarger.

There are other newsletters and advice services I’ve paid for that mostly focused on one slice of the market or another: bullish or bearish. However, BullAndBearProfits.com is more. Not only are the recommendations and the supporting reasons clear and to the point, there are trading instructions I’ve never seen or executed before like how to set up a:

  • Good ‘Til Cancelled (GTC) order to close the position and
  • Trailing Stop (T-Stop) if things go South.

Knowing how to set up transactions like this relieves me from feeling the need to constantly monitor my portfolio.

The educational aspects of BullAndBearProfits.com are at least, if not more, valuable than the Recommendations. I’ve made money on individual stocks that made sense to me given my view of the world. You provide insights into a broad range of possibilities that makes it interesting and fun to follow AND thorough technical analysis for timing buys and sells to help with decision-making. It is the most comprehensive and logical investment service I've seen. Due to the many presentations across the board, you know the people behind BullAndBearProfits.com are smart, hard-workers with lots of experience and open minds." Michael D., San Francisco, CA


"I first met Jon Wolfenbarger over 30 years ago while we both worked in Investment Banking at JPMorgan. I was immediately impressed with Jon's understanding of economics and financial markets and we worked closely together for several years. Jon introduced me to the Austrian School of economic theory and we continue to hotly debate the major economic issues of our day. Fortunately for us all Jon has been willing to share his immense knowledge and understanding of markets with BullAndBearProfits.com! Jon uses both fundamental and technical analysis to guide his recommendations, has a strong appreciation for the importance of valuations, and a unique ability to assess long term returns for major asset classes. However, for me the most important aspect of Jon's work is his recognition that markets move both up and down and profits can be made in both directions. BABP gives its subscribers a sound methodology to make money in rising, falling, or even sideways markets. I highly recommend BullAndBearProfits.com for anyone looking to make money and, more importantly, protect wealth in our financial markets today." Ray M., The Woodlands, TX

Ray M.


"I’m focused on building a good nest egg for retirement, hopefully within the next 10 years. I want to make money in a bull market, but I can’t afford to lose a lot of money in a bear market. I know one will come eventually, so I want to be prepared to profit from it instead of getting hurt, like I was in the last big one. I’ve seen your excellent webinars and read your special reports and most of your articles, so I know that you have the knowledge and tools to make profitable recommendations no matter what the economy is doing. I’m very happy I found your website and I recommend it to everyone." Dave W., Kansas City, KS

Dave W.


"My goal is to beat the market and make money in good times and bad times. I definitely can’t afford to lose 50% of my portfolio in a bear market! I heard about BullAndBearProfits.com and was intrigued, since you have the same goals. I’m really enjoying your articles explaining what is going on in the markets and the economy. I like how you focus on facts and proven indicators rather than just opinions, which is most of what I read elsewhere. I also like how your stock and ETF recommendations are backed by good technical and fundamental analysis, but presented in an easy-to-understand way in a single page. I’m busy with my career, so I don’t have time to read lots of analysis. I also like how you provide guidance on when to exit a position, which most services don’t do. Keep up the great work!" Charles N., Berkeley, CA

Charles N.


"I’m an investment professional with access to lots of investment analysis, but I use BullAndBearProfits.com for my personal investments because I believe it does not have ulterior motives, like so much investment advice has these days. Also, BullAndBearProfits.com is very unique in focusing on identifying bull and bear markets in all major asset classes with objective indicators and using simple stock and ETF investments to profit from them, rather than using derivatives, which can be much more complex, risky and time consuming." Hans W., Frankfurt, Germany

Hans W.


"Bull and Bear Profits is a wonderful resource for all things trading: from basics of economics to fundamental analysis of assets to specific trades to make and how to make them. While I'm pretty sophisticated in economics, I know very little about trading stocks. BullAndBearProfits does a great job of tying together solid Austrian economic theory with actions to take in the market." Mark A., Oakland, CA

Mark A.


Windy C Investor Testimonial

"I’m a busy professional and I’ve been searching for a website that will help me invest profitably and easily — no matter what is going on in the economy or the market. I finally found it with Bull And Bear Profits!


  1. frequent ETF and stock recommendations are easy for a beginning investor like me to understand and place entry and exit orders with my online broker.
  2. stock and ETF course is very helpful in explaining the basics of how to invest.
  3. webinars and special reports have helped me learn even more.

I check the website frequently to see what new articles and Q&As you have written, as they help me keep up-to-date with the “big picture” I need to build conviction in my investments." Windy C., Reno, NV


"I worked with Jon when he was a leading investment portfolio manager on the buy side. I am very glad that he is still active with investments and the stock markets through this BullAndBearProfits website. There is so much useful information on this website and I like how it is very clear with actionable ideas. In a volatile and retail trading-driven market we are currently in, I find the ideas of BullAndBearProfits very useful. Thank you and looking forward to making lots of money!" Ed W., Los Angeles, CA

Ed W.


"I have been following BullandBearProfits.com since it was launched and have made quite a bit of money from the recommendations so far. The recommended exit prices are especially useful." David F., Austin, TX

David F.


"I wanted to let your team know that I have learned more from your service in a short period of time than any of the other services I have followed. I am a novice investor who has felt at a disadvantage when discussing investment goals with advisers. You have provided tools that have given me confidence to at least prove or disprove what they are saying. I hope that you will be able to provide assistance during any major market turns. Thank you again." Carolyne M., Atlanta, GA

Carolyne M.


"The BullAndBearProfits.com website is an excellent educational resource for investors and source of new stock ideas. Jon’s explanation of topics such as technical analysis or the use of economic indicators for successful investing is done in an easy & understandable way. His tactical advice on entry and exit points for specific recommendations as well as stop loss levels is unique for an investing website. I recommend BullAndBearProfits.com for all investors regardless of years of investing experience." Bryan A., San Francisco, CA

Bryan A.


"I'm a finance professional and active investor with many decades of experience, so what I find most useful about Bull And Bear Profits (BBP) is getting lots of new trading ideas every month. This saves me A LOT of time and effort coming up with new ideas! I genuinely enjoy reading your recommendations, which do an excellent job of distilling the most important fundamental and technical information to make an investment decision in a single page. I especially like the qualitative "growth story" with the EPS numbers to back it up, as well as the technical chart annotations. BBP clearly has an excellent and disciplined process of identifying lots of stocks and ETFs with winning characteristics! I also like the GTC and Trailing Stop guidance provided on when to exit a position, which is usually harder to do than entering a position. After analyzing a recommendation, I enjoy reading the latest Investing Insights article and Member Q&A, which always brings unique insights and information that I can't get anywhere else. Thank you for making investing easier and more enjoyable for me!" John F., Walnut Creek, CA

Laurie K.


"I have almost always considered the fundamentals of companies, and not so much the technical performance of their stock, before investing in them. It is great to have someone not just evaluate the fundamentals of a company, but also utilize a deep technical analysis of a stock before making the decision to invest.  Especially someone with the decades of knowledge and experience like Jon." Clark P., San Mateo, CA

Joric M.


"Having had the pleasure of working alongside Jon and seeing first-hand how diligent, balanced and thoughtful he is in the field of investing, it is great to continue to benefit from his insights in the BullandBearProfits newsletter. His work ethic is delivered with the utmost integrity for educating and facilitating other's personal wealth creation. His newsletter is loaded with in-depth stock market educational material which should prove helpful to newer investors. Additionally, Jon is able to detail market and investment trends while putting it in the context of longer term macro-economics. His newsletter is especially adept at taking the complex out of understanding market dynamics and idiosyncrasies – the volatility that obscures the underlying market direction – and keeping the investor focused on getting solid returns on their savings." Robert P., Mill Valley, CA

Laurie K.


"I highly recommend BullandBearProfits.com for the new or experienced investor. Jon puts over 30 years of expertise into his work and the research and analysis of stock and ETFs are second to none. BullandBearProfits.com has my trust and confidence in providing a sound pathway to retirement." Joric M., Lisbon, Portugal

Joric M.


Laurie K. Concord California Investor Testimonial

"As a beginning investor new to the world of stocks and ETFs, I greatly appreciate all of the FREE educational content BullAndBearProfits.com provides! I first learned about the site from an interview I heard with Jon Wolfenbarger, which was very interesting. He made me question a lot of the conventional wisdom about investing that I hear on TV.

I completed the FREE 24 lesson "ETF and Stock Basics" course, which helped me understand this new world so much better. The special reports are great and I really love the webinars. There is so much information in those and Jon does a great job of explaining complicated topics in an easy-to-understand way.

The Investing Insights articles are very timely and help me get the bigger picture of what is going on in the markets and economy. I particularly love the Member Q&As since I get to see what other investors are wondering and read clear and logical answers.

I'm looking forward to reading some of the books that are recommended. Once I'm more comfortable, I will start investing in some of the stock and ETF recommendations. I am so happy I found this website. It gives me the knowledge and confidence I need to start investing on my own!" Laurie K., Concord, CA


I am new to your website and am learning great things and gaining so much from your information, guidance, and direction. As an aviator for 45 years and professionally a Captain for 37 years, I know the value of having a great team navigating the journey, whether the skies be blue, gray and stormy, or rough, turbulent uncertainties. Having a fellow crew member to share the workload makes the journey easy, comfortable and fulfilling. It is no different in having Bull and Bear Profits navigating along the way with you. I have signed up to your newsletter -- including your "New Recommendations” emails -- and am very pleased that I have done so. Your website has helped me tremendously and I have taken your recommendations. I'm happy to report that they have panned out nicely!  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I have also reached out to Bull And Bear Profits and am amazed at how quickly you respond and give concise, direct and informative responses to somewhat complicated questions and situations. Well done! You are a perfect team-mate and crew member on my navigational journey through Bull and Bear Profits! Thank you!" Brad H., Indianapolis, IN

Brad H.


"The stock and ETF recommendations you provide on Bull And Bear Profits are incredibly clear, concise and easy to understand, even for a beginning investor like me! As a scientist, I highly respect and value your objective and data-driven approach to investing. You provide the key information necessary for me to feel comfortable making informed investment decisions. I'm also learning a tremendous amount about how to invest successfully in the process.  Your ETF and Stock Basics course has been particularly helpful to me by providing a very efficient and effective free education on how to invest in ETFs and stocks. And I love learning from your timely and provocative Investing Insights articles and Member Q&As! Bull And Bear Profits is very unique among other investment services I've seen in terms of being honest, trustworthy, logical, fact-based, efficient and informative. Thank you for all you do and please keep up the great work!" Paulo E., Cambridge, England

Paulo E.


"I can tell you all have invested an incredible amount of time and effort in developing it. There is a huge amount of well-presented information in various formats for subscribers' varied learning styles. The stock/ETF picks section is great, with the entrance and exit prices. The trends table is especially helpful in providing a broad perspective of market conditions. Recommended reading list is insightful." Cory G., Plano, TX



"What I enjoy the most about Bull & Bear Profits is that it regularly provides me with profitable recommendations based on both technical and economic analysis. Whether you’re a first time investor or a savvy veteran of the markets, you are sure to benefit from Bull & Bear Profits." Marc C., East Bay, CA


"Bull And Bear Profits is my favorite resource for investing. It provides an easy-to-understand approach to identifying the best investments across all major asset classes. I like how it's not trying to be all things to all people and is instead focused -- even simple -- on just the key information that matters most. I stop by at least once or twice every day -- sometimes more often! Keep up the good work." John H. London, New York, NY


"I am fairly new to investing and soooooo thankful I found BullAndBearProfits.com. I've been trying to learn more and more about technical analysis. Your educational features on the website and in the newsletter are perfect for me...not too much like many books and not too little so that I can understand the concepts or points. I especially like how you focus in on the right ways to make better-than-average profits while taking limited risk. That's EXACTLY the kind of investing I want to do." Helen C., Philadelphia, PA


"What I like most about Bull And Bear Profits is that in addition to providing technical and economic analysis to identify the best short-term investment ideas, you don't ignore the long-term return estimates for key asset classes. This helps me in making shorter-term trades to make money I can enjoy now, AND position my nest egg portfolio for the best long-term returns too. You guys are amazing at this. Keep all the good trades and educational content coming." Ellen K., Oakland, CA


"Most investment 'experts' I've worked with can only make money in bull markets...and many are not very good at that. I've found they offer nothing but 'hold' when a bear market hits, often AFTER my account has fallen...sometimes by a lot. That bull-only bias costs investors dearly as some of the biggest wins I've ever had have been on falling stocks. And those wins tend to happen really fast too. Who doesn't like big profits AND fast profits? Perhaps the very best thing I like about Bull And Bear Profits is that your approach doesn't care about market direction. You're able to take full advantage of BOTH bullish AND bearish movements and you help me make money either way.". Kevin L., Boston, MA


"Bull And Bear Profits is invaluable in helping determine whether stocks, bonds, REITs, commodities and currencies are in bull or bear markets and how to profit from that knowledge. I visit your site every day eating up everything you offer. You're my first stop because I've come to realize how different you are from most of the others out there. You mention your total objectivity on some pages on the site...and I see it first hand in your content and newsletter. Advisors, brokers, planners, etc I've worked with before were never like this. I wish I had found you YEARS AGO. Keep up the good work! Encore! Encore!" Richard P., Pineville, KY


"Finally!!! a really great source of quality stock & ETF picks I can trade with my own broker…along with plenty of education to help me learn to be a better investor. I like the blend of regular education and hand-picked recommendations by your experts. The whole thing is VERY impressive!" Edward R., Dallas, TX


"I tell all my friends about Bull And Bear Profits because you provide the best analysis on the web. I like your comments about the economy and economic outlook and how you forecast what is going to happen by using favored economic indicators. I also like how you don't depend only on Bullish markets but also don't need high-risk vehicles like options or short-selling to make money when the Bear is in charge. Simply buying stocks & ETFs for bull & bear markets is ideal for me."  Charlotte F., Oklahoma City, OK

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