As a growing business, we want to delight you with big-company service beyond your best expectations. Much effort & investment have gone into loading our website with all forms of customer-service information, answers and help. This page summarizes where to get answers to any questions you may have. Odds are high that someone else has already asked the same question and informative, well-developed help awaits you…so you can get the answer(s) you seek right now. This page is broken into 3 major sections (blue bars below) based upon your familiarity with us...


Welcome! And thanks for giving us a try. Be sure to review all of the below so you know these diverse help resources are always here for you. And note: there is a special page especially for you called First-Time Visitor. It shares some common elements of this page but is specifically for our newest followers. If you are very new, you might want to start there.

Take the Website Tour

One of the FASTEST & BEST ways to get familiar with our website is by taking the narrated, video tour. In a relatively short amount of time, we'll show you around the most popular features...


This 17-minute webinar blends informative narration with visuals to show you:

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  • a peek at a key portion of our upcoming newsletter service, where most members take greatest advantage of our expertise at selecting profitable trades

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Every business has a common group of customer service and website usage questions asked by visitors. Our FAQ page attempts to answer all of those at-a-glance. This feature will cover the most frequently asked question NOT related to investing (the Member Q&A feature is for that).

Browser Software Updates

One of the simplest and best things anyone can do is make sure their Internet browser of choice is up to date. While we’ve made good efforts to make everything on our site work with browsers several generations old, newer technology strengthens compatibility and will generally yield a better, faster experience overall. If you haven’t updated your computer or smart mobile device to the latest version of your browser, take a moment right now to do so. Not only will that make work as good as it can, but all of your other Internet browsing will likely be better & faster too.

New To Investing? Enjoy our FREE Investor Course

If you feel you are towards the novice-to-moderately-experienced level of investing -- or even if you are yet to buy or sell a stock or ETF -- one fantastic resource that can be a solid starting point is our FREE ETF & Stock Basics educational course. Consider it a FREE starter primer that covers the basics of investing for anyone hungry to learn how to grow their wealth. 


THANK YOU for your patronage. We strive every single day -- even weekends & holidays -- to deliver well beyond your expectations! 

Unlock Most of the Features of This Site

About 94% of the features & benefits of this site are completely FREE…but a chunk of them require a log-in for access. You can get your own FREE user name & password in just seconds by registering. It’s easy. It’s fast. And it will significantly upgrade your experience with


Most followers want to tap our expertise for specific stock & ETF recommendations and “learn as you earn” education. Our newsletter service that will launch soon will offer the very best way we can help you grow your wealth and learn as you do. Until then, the actionable stock & ETF recommendations portion of that service is available for FREE to members.

Investing Insights in the Education menu is our most popular FREE feature. Every week (sometimes more frequently), we post our views of the markets & exclusive research you won’t find anywhere else, along with anything else we think our followers will appreciate. 
Member Q&A is a user-driven question & answer feature for educational purposes. Investors just like you send us questions. We select those likely to be of interest to our followers as a group, develop highly-informative answers and post them to the site. 
Bull & Bear Webinars are narrated video streams in which one of our experts covers engaging topics in a “show & tell” way…much like attending a live seminar without all the costs of travel & lodging…and perfectly fitting your own schedule. Watch & learn how to prosper in the markets.
Special Reports are educational and sometimes actionable information in book or booklet form (typically Adobe PDF) that you can download and review on your computer, tablet or smart or off. These go in-depth, offering some of our very best education.

Forgot Login Information?

Already have a user name & password but can’t remember them? We’ve all been there. Visit the login screen and click “Forgot password” below the Login button. Then follow the prompts.

White Listing

Some of our interactions with our members are via email -- especially timely notices like new recommendations, new special reports, new webinars and so on. Naturally, it’s important for you to be able to receive such email so you can take advantage of new Bull And Bear insights ‘hot off the E-presses.’

Many email service providers offer a feature called “white listing.” White listing is basically you pre-approving email from a specific sender. Technically, when you add a site or email address to your white list, you are asking your email provider to NOT filter it as spam. Instead, it will bypass spam filtering software and flow right to your inbox. 

If your email service provider offers a white listing feature -- and it is more likely it does than not -- be sure to add email from to the white list. Every email service provider will have their own way of doing this, but a common way is to use what is called a “wildcard” entry in front of the part of an email address before the @ symbol. A wildcard symbol is often an asterisk (*) symbol but the specific character can vary by provider. If your own provider offers a wildcard symbol option, the format is probably:


For example, if your provider used the asterisk symbol (*) as a wildcard, you would whitelist us by entering:

* your email service's white list feature. Again, not all email service providers offer whitelisting (but most do). And if they offer a wildcard option, their symbol may be something other than asterisk (with some, it's a simple matter of entering the part after the "@" symbol which, in our case, is obviously Read your own email service providers "how to whitelist" documentation to learn how to whitelist us with your specific provider. 

It’s also a good idea to add us to your computer or mobile device address book too. That can also help your computer or mobile device’s email software know that you want to receive email from


Contact Us

Lastly, if you can’t get immediate help from any of the above, we have live human help too. The Contact Us page is loaded with all of our contact information. If the need is not overly-urgent, please email us. We try to respond to every service request within minutes or hours at most.