Password Reset

Due to our advanced security system and settings, existing passwords are not recoverable. You'll need a new password. Please enter your email address below to create one. We will email you a link to the password-reset page within minutes. Click the link, enter your new password and that will become your login password going forward.

PLEASE WRITE YOUR NEW PASSWORD DOWN and do not share it with anyone else. 

Passwords are case sensitive, meaning a large letter and a small letter are NOT the same, even if they are the SAME letter:

  • A user with this password: passWoRd2468 will not login if they enter password2468 or PASSwOrD2468 because the login system sees either of the latter two as completely different from the actual password.
  • Any special characters likes dots or dashes make a password completely unique too. For example, password is not the same as pass.word or pass-word. This also applies to user names: is not the same as John.Smith@ or John-Smith@ or John_Smith@.

For your security, our system only allows a few attempts in a row before it assumes a hacker is trying to login as you. So be sure to write that new password down exactly as you create it so you can login with the correct password in no more than a couple of attempts. 


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