Bull and Bear Newsletter


Within this Recommendations menu, Jon & team will share our top stock & ETF recommendations along with many "learn-as-you-earn" educational benefits in our flagship offering: The Bull And Bear Profits Newsletter. As a "sneak peek" sampling of the profitability of that service, we are sharing the recommendations of that service ahead of launching the full service...for FREE!

When the service launches in full, subscribers will enjoy:

  • Approx. 4 to 10 actionable, novice-friendly recommendations EVERY MONTH, each aiming for a quick 15%-30% profit or more. As little as 1 good win can cover even our longest-term rate.
  • ETF and Stock Investing Website Best of the WebReal-time email alerts when it's time to enter a new position -- a feature typical of alert services costing $500 to $5,000/yr elsewhere.
  • Bull & Bear agile. Markets don't move just one way. Why limit your investing like that? Unlike most, THIS service is NOT married to only bull markets. It's fully prepared to help you target impressive profits in falling markets too.
  • Modern, beautiful & customer-centered, 12-24 page monthly newsletter packed with a Goldilocks "just right" balance of ETF & stock recommendations and exclusive investor education. 
  • Freedom from monitoring open positions for hours each day! We offer a clever approach to automate the exits instead of leaving it on you to watch markets all day, every day, trying to figure out a good point to sell.  
  • At-a-glance website supporting features to be revealed at launch.
  • Comprehensive New Subscriber Guide to help you understand and make the most of every feature of the service.
  • And several other terrific benefits we're keeping secret until the formal launch.  


Between now and when we do launch this service, we are sharing our novice-friendly, actionable recommendations for the low-low price of FREE. All you'll need to have immediate to that particular part of the newsletter service is a user name & password, which you can get in only a few seconds by registering...

After you log in with your free password, access recommendations in the "Our Best Stock & ETF Recommendations" menu. A good number of recent trades are already visible there, along with an educational guide to help you make the most of the brand new recommendations we will soon share.

Enjoy money-making samples of our new service for free until it formally launches. Make some money, perhaps set a little of your profits aside and then optionally use them buy a subscription to keep our expert recommendations coming...along with many other cream-of-the-crop features of the service to be fully revealed soon. Here's the very rare situation where we will be working exceptionally hard every single day to CREATE the money for you in trading profits to pay for the service when it launches. Try us!

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